Enhanced data analytics

Full access to all data sets across all platforms including persona, inventory, streaming interaction and other data attributes which you can use to improve your business.

  • Create more demand for your inventory
  • Improve CPMs
Linear programmatic sales

Programmatic advertising for broadcast to manage to transition between linear and digital

  • Gives sales team access to programmatic markets
  • Create more demand for your inventory
  • Improve CPMs
Live stream SSAI

Dynamic ad insertion for live streams with real time cue-point detection.

  • Eliminate master control/ops support
  • Simple cut in/out to ad pods
  • Hybrid Subscription/ad support business models
  • Overlays
  • SCTE 35
Dynamic ad insertion

VOD enables SSAI from any content source, any ad source to every platform

  • Automated cue point detection
  • Automated SSAI to any platform
  • Workflow simplification
  • Eliminate unnecessary rev shares
Automated timing sheets

Automatically creates frame accurate timing cue sheets, identifies all ad inventory within your video library and prepares content for all forms of distribution

  • Simplify workflow
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Scan half hour show in a few minutes
  • Validate cue points in a few minutes